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About the Waterfront Academy


The Waterfront Academy is named after the historic and beautiful area of Port Chester along the Byram River and Long Island Sound.

Waterfront Academy Teachers

Mr. Piccolino, Academy Leader and Social Studies Teacher

Ms. Archino, Reading Teacher

Ms. Neckman, Math/Algebra Teacher

Ms. Ridder, ELA Teacher

Mr. Tiedemann, Science Teacher

Special Area Teachers

Special Area classes include World Languages, Art, Music, Technology, Astronomy, Physical Education, and Family and Consumer Science (FACS).   

Learn more and link to your Special Area teachers.


Waterfront Academy Announcements

  • ELA - Ridder

    Due Monday:

    (1)  Sentences and Context guesses for pg. 50

    (2) pg. 52 - Quick Write #7

    Waterfront Academy 8th Grade
  • ELA - Ridder

    Due tomorrow:
    Root Word #23
    pg. 45 - Vocabulary
    pg. 49 - Favorite Proper Nouns

    Waterfront Academy 8th Grade
  • Algebra 1

    Solving Inequalities HW worksheet

    Waterfront Academy 8th Grade
  • Social Studies

    Reconstruction essay due on Monday, November 21st.

    Waterfront Academy 8th Grade
  • Math 8

    Reteaching 5-3:  Problems# 2,3,6,7,8- Make tables on separate paper and graph

    Test Next Friday- Hoizontal/Vertical Lines, Graphing

    Waterfront Academy 8th Grade

    Civil War Exam on Wednesday, November 9th!

    Use:  Study Guide, note packet, 20 questions, any additional handouts from class

    Waterfront Academy 8th Grade
  • Living Environment Homework - Due 11/7/2016

    Read pages 44 - 53 in Biology Textbook, answer questions 1-5 on page 48 and questions 1-5 on page 53.  Due Monday 11/07/2016

    Waterfront Academy 8th Grade
  • Welcome to the New School Year

    Your teachers, Mrs. Neckman, Mr. Piccolino, Mrs. Ridder, and Mr. Tiedemann are very excited for our upcoming year ahead.  We have a very eventful and challenging year planned for you - trips, activities assemblies, and all our our work together in the classroom. 

    Waterfront Academy 8th Grade

Ms. Neckman, MATH & ALGEBRA


Ms. Ridder ELA

Mr. Tiedemann SCIENCE