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About the Columbus Park Academy

 The Columbus Park Academy is named for a village park located east of Ryan Avenue and north of Fox Island Road .  The park is named in honor of famed Italian explorer Christopher Columbus.  The park features a historical monument of Columbus.  Columbus Park today plays a large part in our community's proud athletic tradition.  The park features 9.4 acres including  a basketball court, volleyball courts, playgrounds and an artificial turf soccer field.  This turf soccer field is the site of many home soccr games for our Port Chester Rams.  Echoing the Christopher Columbus monument's inscription, the teachers of the Columbus Park Academy have faith in our student's ability and will persevere towards the success of every student.  

Columbus Park Academy Teachers

Ms. Mynio, Academy Leader and ELA Teacher

Ms. Canonico-Diaz, Social Studies Teacher

Ms. O'Connor High ELA Teacher

Ms. Sanchez, Science Teacher

Ms. Maggi, Math Teacher

Special Area Teachers

Special Area classes include World Languages, Art, Music, Technology, Astronomy, Physical Education, and Family and Consumer Science (FACS).  

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Columbus Park Academy Announcements

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    Period 1-4 Thursday

    Period 7-8 Friday

    Columbus Park Academy 7th Grade

Ms. Canonico-Diaz, Social Studies

Mrs. Mynio, English Language Arts Teacher

Ms. O'Connor, High ELA

Ms Sanchez, Science

Ms. Maggi - Math