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Welcome to Washington Park Academy!

The Washington Park Academy is named after one of the seven "unofficial" district neighborhoods in Port Chester. You can find the Washington Park neighborhood North of Westchester Avenue around South Regent Street. The neighborhood was named after general George Washington who was an integral part of the American Revolution. Washington's historical presence in Port Cheater can also be seen at his headquarters in Lyons Park. The Washington Park neighborhood is known for landmarks such as the fire house, Memorial Park and Corpus Christi Church.

Washington Park Academy Announcements

  • Bowling Trip - April 7th, 2017

    *By invite only

    *$30 cash or check due by FRIDAY MARCH 24TH, 2017

    *80 spots available - first come, first served

    Washington Park Academy 7th Grade

Ms. Florindi - Social Studies

Ms Burke: ELA

Due 3/21/17

 Newsela article "Syria's Civil War Explained"

Short Response/ Answer all parts completely/

1) Cause & Effect: What was the main event described in the article? What were the causes of this event? Describe each cause by citing specific details from the article and explaining how it contributed to the main event.



Ms. Hohman: Science

Monday = 2nd law reading and questions

Tuesday= Finish lab questions. Be detailed!

Wednesday = 3rd law reading and questions.

Thursday = Finish lab questions. Be detailed!

Friday = Finish basketball reading packet. 

Ms. Scicutella: Math

Visit Ms. Scicutella's website for homework and all the information in math class!




Mr. Watson: Science